Community Based Philanthropy

To many people in our communities, philanthropy is misunderstood and can seem out of reach. Some believe that you have to give large sums of money to be able to have an impact. However, it is possible to make a difference with just $1 per day, if you pool your money together with others in the community.

What Is It

The program is based on the premise of philanthropy on a dollar a day. Individual contributors leverage their charitable contributions with others to support innovative projects from non-profits in the SICF community. Members are recruited to join the program by donating at least $1 per day ($365 a year).

  • Donate at least $365/year to join
  • $3650 donation for a lifetime membership
  • Business sponsorship
    • Donations directly to the program
    • Sponsorship for the grant request events
  • Employee matching
    • Employers match all or a portion of their employees donations for participating in the program


Half of each donation is placed in the GIVE 1 Fund for the grant making, the other half is placed in a permanent GIVE 1 Endowment Fund for future grant making. Once a year members are brought together to view presentations from area non-profits Members are then given a week to go online and vote for the grants


  • Demonstrates that ANYONE can be a philanthropist
  • Encourages a more personal involvement in grant making decisions
  • Educates the community on the value that a community foundation brings
  • Can be a great FAMILY learning environment, allowing kids to participate with their parents in the fundraising and grant making process

About Give 1


The larger the membership grows, the greater the impact of the fund