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Two philanthropic organizations in Southern Illinois are now operating out of the same office. The Southern Illinois Community Foundation has relocated its operations to the office of The United Way of Southern Illinois at 1800 W. Boulevard in Marion.

The move comes as both organizations pursue changes to their ability to impact the communities they serve. The Southern Illinois Community Foundation has its sights set on growth under its new CEO, Byram Fager, while The United Way of Southern Illinois hopes a new relationship compliments their efforts to rebuild visibility and fundraising activities.

            While different in their approaches to philanthropy, each organization has significant overlap in both their goals for Southern Illinois, as well as their service area. The Southern Illinois Community Foundation serves 17 counties in Southern Illinois. 14 of those 17 counties overlap with The United Way of Southern Illinois’ service area.

            The Southern Illinois Community Foundation supports Southern Illinois communities with significant financial giving, granting over $3.15 million over the past 10 years with the strength of their endowments. In that same timeframe, The United Way of Southern Illinois has allocated $1.5 million to funded non-profit agencies using workplace campaign fundraising.

            Occupying the same physical space, the organizations believe, will allow both organizations to better align resources in Southern Illinois. Both organizations hope the shared space will allow them to identify needs shared across communities and organizations, while creating giving opportunities for all Southern Illinoisans who wish to support initiatives that make an impact.

The two organizations have already begun working together, applying for a grant related to the 2020 census.

If the organizations receive the grant they will launch the Southern Illinois Counts program, providing direct support for the 2020 census and regranting monies to organizations aligned with their needed outcomes. The program will focus on reaching hard-to-reach populations in over a dozen counties in Southern Illinois, including several communities which saw significant underreporting in the 2010 census.

            Byram Fager, CEO of The Southern Illinois Community Foundation, is excited about the move for his organization.

            “This is an opportunity to increase visibility and accessibility to philanthropy throughout Southern Illinois by housing two organizations under the same roof who have such strongly aligned focus,” Fager said. “It fits in with my personal philosophy of just give, and when you can, give local.”

            Toni Hayden, the Executive Director of The United Way of Southern Illinois, echoed Fager’s sentiment

            “As someone who has had experience working with community foundations in the past, I see this as a perfect fit for both our office and the future of The United Way in Southern Illinois.”

            For more information or to schedule interviews, please contact Nathan with The United Way of Southern Illinois at (618) 534-9689 or Byram with The Southern Illinois Community Foundation at (618) 997-3700.

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